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Teachers, please read below!

Hello Teachers,

Because you teach social studies and/or economics in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (at any grade level!), you are being invited to participate voluntarily in an assessment as part of a statewide research study.  (If you do not teach this content, please share the message with your colleagues who do.)

The purpose of this study is to measure the level of economics knowledge among hundreds of Kentucky social studies teachers and to identify areas where additional training might best be targeted as new social studies standards are implemented in the future and then to measure changes in knowledge that occur during the three years after the new standards are implemented.  By doing this study, we hope to improve training for social studies teachers in order to impact student learning.

There is no guarantee that you will benefit personally, but four participants will be drawn at random and win $50 in educational materials which they can choose from  All responses will be used solely for statistical analyses, and we will maintain your email address as identifying information only to match up pretest and posttest results – after which time, all identifiers will be deleted.

Go to this URL to read further instructions and decide whether to take the assessment:  Email me (or Erin Yetter ( at the Fed) if you have any questions after reading the instructions.  Thank you for your time and participation.  Please complete the assessment by March 4, 2016, to be included in our reporting for this spring.  Also, please share this email with others who teach social studies – at any grade level – in Kentucky.


Cynthia Harter

Cynthia Harter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, EKU Dept. of Economics

Director, EKU Center for Economic Education

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